Pricing360 Platform

Our Pricing360 platform is an agile, easy-to-implement self-service platform that helps you manage all your product prices and price structures.

The database stores everything you need to effectively manage your pricing, including all historical price changes and any price floor violations. Price requests, approvals and escalation tasks can be easily managed by means of a single click using mobile apps.

Some key benefits

  • Minimizes margin leaks, inaccurate government reporting
  • Maximizes internal price transparency
  • Eliminates outdated price lists, stores information for referencing
  • Directly connected to your workflow and governance process
  • Stores vast amounts of information, incl. active and pending prices
  • Review price erosion and model different what-if scenarios
  • Accessible on mobile devices – anytime, anywhere


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When you first meet with one of our life science pricing professionals, one priority becomes immediately clear: your success. You can count on our pricing experts to go above and beyond to provide support and deliver memorable results that go right to the bottom line. Wherever you are in the world, we can help you overcome every pricing challenge whether no viability on prices, price erosion calculations, road-map to pricing excellence and everything in between. Contact Wolf Implementations today and launch a partnership for success.