Why Us

During the past 15 years we have lived through significant changes in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry sector.  There has been a dramatic increase on price pressure and ultimately margins, hence the need for robust pricing and contracting solutions.

We have learnt from within our industry working with sub-optimal solutions, and lived through protracted implementations.
Our Pricing360 solutions have been specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and medical device sector by a team that possess a deep understanding of the needs of internal pricing decision makers.  We have designed our solutions with real life experience in creating, managing, and executing innovative pricing and contracting systems.
Our solutions are based on modular applications, both for list price management and analytical tools that focus on net price optimization.  Step by step, we operate through a roadmap linked to capabilities and ROI.

Our Goal

Continue to develop innovative pricing and contracting solutions using reliable advanced technologies.


Demonstrate improvements in organisational pricing and contracting execution.


Focus on results beyond delivery and implementation.

Our Mission

To create a better life for our staff and customers.


Build a dedicated platform and network forum for pricing and contracting functions in our sector.


Continuously build solutions that streamline your internal processes to reduce your work load and prevent errors.

Our Way

To partner with you and take a vested interest in your success.

Align our approach to your strategic goals and objectives, and provide transparency in our methods.


Bring our passion for learning and building new ways to address pricing and contracting challenges.