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List Price Management

Our suite of modules and mobile Apps provide a single source of truth for your global prices and price structures.  From MSP, Pharmacy, Wholesaler to Ex-Factory Hospital, all your prices arestored and managed from a single central repository.

The automated price floors and workflows will streamline your governance process

Net Price Optimization

Our Net Price Optimization modules and solutions help improve your pricing and contracting execution.
The Contract Management System is the core module within the Net Price Optimization suite.  The module is a key source of data for all your accruals, rebates and off invoice discounts, both at a customer and contract level.  These are the essential key building blocks for the Gross-to-Net price waterfall and performance analytics.

List Price Management

Global Price Database

Our Global Price Database solution is an agile, easy to implement and user friendly platform for both administrators and users. The platform stores all historical price changes, price floor violations and the approval of price requests can be done via a single click using mobile Apps. The solution is a self-service platform whereby users can request access to user roles and rights, manage their own email and cockpit notifications for price updates and changes.
Scalability is unlimited, the number of SKUs, the number of users and new price records can be continuously added without need to advance the system. All the dashboards and reports continue to work without any delay or updates required.
The solution is responsive design i.e. it responds to the needs of the users and the devices they’re using.   The layout changes based on the size and capabilities of the device.  For example, on a phone, users would see content shown in a single column view; a tablet might show the same content in two columns.  This to give the user the advantage and freedom to be not restricted to their workplace, as timing for price approvals and data insights can be of utmost importance for the user and company

International Reference Pricing

Our IRP solution simplifies the assessment and financial impact of both mandated and periodic price updates.  Your budgeted price cuts and ad-hoc price requests are automatically checked and analyzed.

The reporting section immediately provides the impact on global price floors, impact to other markets, the entire global picture can be obtained and linked to internal workflows.
The solutions is also a global communication portal, managing the price changes 60-70 markets and for all your products is a challenge.
Our solution enables affiliates to provide central functions price updates via the mobile Apps.
Affiliates are also able to extract their market level list price evolution to plan, budget and forecast any IRP impact driven by price changes elsewhere.


Parallel Trade

Prior to making any regional pricing decision, the parallel trade analyzer ( also known as cross border trade ) will allow you to quickly make an assessment of the financial impact. The solution will also provide you with current estimates between in market domestic demand versus Ex-Factory distribution. The cockpit analytics simplifies the data points required to develop a clear concise estimate of the magnitude of the cross border trade.

The SKU level distribution flows will provide your logistics team a new simple insight linked to the list price database. Changes in list prices in a given market are tracked by SKU trends.
The solution is linked to our workflow contract management system, therefore we can go beyond assessing the magnitude cross border trade. We can actually support you to ensure there is adequate in market product.

Competitor Pricing

Keeping you informed of any competitor price response across the globe, the Competitor Pricing Module standardizes all of the data required for your competitor products. Each SKU is converted into standard units, e.g. DoT, MG, or Vials dependent upon the class and product. The dashboards enable you to track and redistribute metrics across the entire organization without the need for intensive IS and analytical resources.
Our module is compatible with IMS and IHS data providers, in addition it will link into your ERP system and automate data quality and data validation for your product portfolio.

Net Price Optimization

Contract Management

Our solution simplifies the way you manage your contracts over their entire life cycle, from creation, to approval, finally to execution. It also documents the entire contractual process and provide you a comprehensive audit trail.
The system automatically calculates your price floors per brand and affiliate, linked to the global pricing strategy and annual pricing policy.

The off-invoice discounts, rebates, accruals and tracking of contract performance is seamlessly linked to the Gross-to-Net, allowing you to continuously monitor performance.
The Contract Management System is your single central repository for all your customer contracts and distributor agreements.
The solution is easy to use and navigate, users are able to request roles and approval status through automated cockpits, they will receive mobile notifications for price changes and price exceptions.

Gross-to-Net (“LEAP”)

The long-term implications on profitability and portfolio contribution can be significant.
Incremental improvements in price may have an exponential improvement to the bottom line – a single percentage improvement in price may lead up to a twelve percent improvement in profitability.
In addressing the need for improved pricing execution the initial starting point for most organizations is the development and implementation of Gross-to-Net.
Our solution provides access to, and the flexibility to model: pricing data, gross list prices, net prices, contract data, volume data, and product cost data. Our solution simplifies the integration of complex data sources in a systematic and well-defined structure.
Integrate with any BI soltion, Cognos, QlikView, MicroStrategy – ect – reducing your

Pricing360 Platform


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Pricing360 uses only the newest web technologies this to ensure seamless integration with the future

Wolf-Implementations has developed the pricing platform for device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, that is agile, easy to implement and user friendly for administrators, IT departments and business users. This because it’s developed from a user perspective and technical perspective at the same time, giving you the best of both worlds, without compromise’s.

Working with the Pricing360 platform has several advantages, compared to traditional solutions like Excel or non-pricing specific platforms like SalesForce.com or old faced out technologies like Silverlight:



Is more than just a tool. It’s a promise to make something better,

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Pricing360 is built with pride